☀️ Slow but sure!

I’ve been working on my book.  It’s gone more slowly over the last week or so.  We are in California visiting my son who is in the U.S. Navy, and we are having a great time!  Here is a sneak peak about the book.  I hope you enjoy it and would like to read more.

Ardea Jones is a bright and beautiful young woman that is enjoying life. Lately, she has been experiencing some weird sensations; pain behind her eyes, headaches. She feels a pull to go somewhere but she doesn’t know where. It’s very frustrating and rather painful. She would like to know what is going on.

☀️ Good Start!

I have a fairly solid start to the book. Pretty pleased, I have to say! Three chapters written and, of course, finding minor changes I have to make. It’s fun to write and figure out how the story will play out. I write a couple of scenes and then realize that they don’t quite fit. I either save them to my ‘excess’ folder or move to where they make better sense.

I’m sure I will continuously find edits that I will have to make. I also have a better understanding why my favorite authors don’t publish their books as quickly as I would like them too! It is not a fast process!

Thanks for reading and for your support!

~ Amy

☀️ My first post!

So. I’ve been thinking about writing for a while and I have some time to actually write. It’s going as well as I had hoped and also as difficult as I thought it might be. I wrote  about 5,000 words right away, the start of the story. Good stuff!

I realized research is a huge part of a book. I stopped the story to research more of my subject matter. It takes time, a lot of time. It’s good though, because then the story will have a ring of truth to it. I don’t mind, either, since it’s some interesting information.

First post done! Excited about my book! I’m off to research a bit more.

~ Amy